Zoom and WebEx Available to Hold Remote Depositions

                      Vernon Court Reporters, LLC is currently utilizing both Zoom and Cisco WebEx platforms to facilitate remote depositions. We can host your depositions in either of these platforms, or join a remote deposition hosted by you in your preferred platform. During the COVID-19 response, additional … Read More »

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Vernon Court Reporters, LLC Celebrates 40 Years

This year, Vernon & Associates Court Reporters, LLC celebrates 40 years of business. Begun in 1980 by the husband and wife team of Earl and Catherine Vernon, over the years, the firm has expanded to include a skilled network of court reporting, transcription, videoconferencing, videography, and interpreting professionals that have been providing the highest quality … Read More »

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Video Conference or Telephonic Remote Depositions During Coronavirus

As the situation with the COVID-19 coronavirus in Washington state and worldwide rapidly changes and social distancing requirements become more comprehensive, we understand that there will be changes with how depositions are taken. If you would like to change your in-person deposition to a video conference or telephonic deposition, our team has the tools and … Read More »

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Vernon is an Approved Transcriptionist for San Juan County

Vernon & Associates Court Reporters is now an approved transcriber of hearings for San Juan County Superior Court in Washington state. We provide certified transcriptions of digitally recorded Superior Court hearings. Contact us or call us toll-free at 1-800-553-1092 for more information about our transcription services, or to request a transcription online.

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Schedule us for any deposition, anywhere in the United States!

Did you know Vernon Court Reporters, LLC not only covers all of Washington State, but that you can schedule us for any deposition nationwide? One easy call to 1-800-553-1092 schedules court reporters, videographers, interpreters and videoconferences anywhere in the United States. Take the guesswork out of your court reporter and videography needs anywhere in the … Read More »

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Overflow Freelance Court Reporter Positions Available

Vernon & Associates Court Reporters, LLC is now hiring overflow freelance court reporters in Western Washington. Looking to pick up some additional work? We can help you fill your schedule! Please contact us regarding current court reporting opportunities with our firm.

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