Now hiring at-home legal transcriptionist positions

Vernon Court Reporters, LLC is now hiring experienced legal transcriptionists for full or part time at-home transcribing. At least three years’ legal transcription experience is required. Please submit your resume and cover letter through our online form, by selecting “career opportunity” and filling out the required fields. Work from home with competitive rates, flexible hours, … Read More »

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Need a Transcription? Easily and Securely Make a Request!

You can easily and securely send us your audio or video media for transcription at the click of a button. Our web-based transcription request order center makes requesting a transcription fast and simple. All requests sent to us are encrypted and confidential. Contact us to set up an online transcription account, and we’ll send you … Read More »

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Same-Day or Expedite Transcription Available

Attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants: Did you know we offer same-day or 24-hour rush certified transcriptions of hearings, voicemails and more? It’s true! A happy client just left with his same-day hearing transcription. We’re here to help you with all of your last-minute transcription needs. Call us at 1-800-553-1092 for more information.

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